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A leading German E-commerce company specializing in the sale of home appliances faced the strategic imperative of diversifying its revenue streams by introducing monthly and yearly support & maintenance plans offered to customers through subscription services. Given the company's non-tech nature, the challenge lay in seamlessly integrating subscription functionalities into their existing system. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the company engaged our integrations team to spearhead this critical initiative


In response to the identified challenge, we devised a robust solution centered around the implementation of a self-serve checkout mechanism seamlessly integrated into the company's WordPress-based platform. This entailed the creation of a white-label customer portal, ensuring a cohesive and brand-aligned user experience. To actualize this vision, our team strategically leveraged Abowire—an all-in-one subscription management platform known for its versatility and reliability.

The implementation process involved meticulous coordination and collaboration with the client, resulting in the successful incorporation of Abowire into their WordPress website. A key feature of the solution was the creation of a streamlined and user-friendly interface that facilitated the effortless purchase of support & maintenance subscriptions. By choosing Abowire, the client not only gained access to a cutting-edge subscription management tool but also benefited from a seamless system for collecting recurring payments from customers availing themselves of these services.


The swift and efficient implementation of Abowire onto the WordPress site was accomplished within a remarkably short timeframe—less than two weeks. Our dedicated team assumed full responsibility for the end-to-end integration process, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal functionality. Crucially, the accelerated timeline enabled the client to have the subscription system fully operational well in advance of their anticipated summer sale. As a result, the company could confidently offer and promote their support & maintenance plans during this crucial period, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and revenue generation. The successful collaboration between our team and the client underscores our commitment to delivering timely and effective solutions that align with our clients' business objectives.

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A German E-commerce firm aimed to offer subscription-based maintenance plans for customers.

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Oct - November 2021


Ecommerce - Maintenance

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