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"Abowire enabled us to offer a smooth subscription service to our customers, speeding up our time to cash, eliminating manual work and improving customer experience in one go."
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We had 2 issues: manage subscriptions and manage payments.

Once customers would subscribe to our product (through an online enrollment), we would have to copy their company details and subscription parameters to our invoicing system, to then get monthly invoices generated. This would cause delays and human error.

Also, for our SaaS solution, we offer our customers a mix of payment options but especially focus on bank transactions. We notice that while in some parts of the world a Credit Card is easy used and accepted, that is not the case in all regions and lines of business. In our case, many of our customers prefer to pay on invoice by wire-transfers. We want to offer customers a lot of self-service options and getting payments done is one of those.


Thanks to Abowire, we can now get users to subscribe, select a payment method that suits them and in any chosen way get the same experience offered to them: an easy enrollment and ongoing status (e.g. invoice paid or not). And they add their own company details and get the invoice based on the chosen package (eg. monthly/annual etc).

This allows us to scale more efficiently.


We’re happy. Abowire saves lots of hours each month, of finding out the status of payments and matching banking transactions with the proper invoice. To our customers we now offer a much more mature experience: they can see their invoices, see the payment status and if they need more or less of our services they can at any time get in and update their consumption on the subscription. Saving us time and offering a better experience to the end-user in one go!

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CargoSnap is a worldwide logistics app that helps companies to document the state of cargo and to make error-proof inspections faster.

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May - July 2022


SaaS - Logistics App

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  • API Implementation
  • Development
  • Custom banking revenue recognition features

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