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A leading German digital company specializing in providing 3D solutions to business clients faced a critical challenge in scaling its subscription offerings worldwide. Operating with manual processes involving Excel files, an invoicing tool, and manual bank payment handling, they sought to digitalize, automate, and broaden their subscription services. To accommodate the expansion of their customer base to hundreds of monthly subscriptions, the company required a streamlined approach to match wire-transfers with customer subscriptions. Additionally, they aimed to implement logic for service access and contract cancellation rules, leveraging their existing software infrastructure, predominantly managed through API.


In response to the identified challenges, a collaborative effort was initiated to align the company's invoice and credit note templates for recurring and non-recurring products. A crucial aspect of the solution involved the implementation of a flexible invoice numbering system synchronized with their existing invoicing process. Addressing the need for enhanced subscription management, a contract cancellation period of one month was introduced, allowing clients flexibility before the termination period. To facilitate a seamless customer experience, customization was applied to domains, email senders, and the integration of webhooks and custom endpoints. The collaboration also extended to configuring these solutions within the existing API framework.


The custom implementation, a result of a concerted effort between our implementation team and a single developer from the client's side, was successfully executed within an impressive timeframe of less than two months. This collaborative endeavor not only digitalized and automated their subscription processes but also streamlined the handling of wire-transfers, access provisioning, and contract cancellations. The swift and effective implementation positioned the company to effortlessly manage the complexities of scaling their subscription offerings, contributing to operational efficiency and an enhanced customer experience.

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A German B2B company that offers 3D software solutions wanted to expand their subscription business globally.

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Oct - Dic 2022


SaaS - 3D Services

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  • Custom invoicing
  • API Implementation
  • White-label Customer Portal
  • Custom contract cancellation logic

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